3 Biggest Benefits of Using JVZoo

JVZoo is a website like ClickBank that makes it easy for marketers and publishers alike to take advantage of affiliate programs. Whether you choose JVZoo or another options like ClickBank, this is a fantastic way to make a huge profit and to drastically increase your sales. Read on to find out three of the biggest reasons why.

Benefit One: You Make More Sales

From the point of view of a publisher, this means that you can create a digital product such as an eBook and then allow affiliates to sell it. What this means, is that others will be able to direct traffic to your landing page or your checkout page and then when someone buys your product, you will have to pay a commission fee to the affiliate and a percentage to JVZoo as well.

At first this might sound like you’re essentially giving away your profit to a bunch of third parties after spending months working on it. The reality though is quite different. What is really happening here is that your extending your sales hugely by creating an army of marketers who will all be pushing your products to audiences that otherwise wouldn’t have seen them. This means your profits will grow hugely and more than cover the cost of the fees.

Benefit Two: You Carry On Selling

More to the point though, you can do all this while carrying on selling your product directly from your own landing page. In other words, any money you make through JVZoo will be made on top of your existing profits so there’s literally no downside. Even if you only make one extra sale and you pay 60% commission, that’s still 40% of one sale that you wouldn’t have made otherwise.

The only risk here is that your affiliates may be so good that they start to cannibalize your own sales meaning that people are buying from them instead of you directly. The web is a huge place so this rarely happens but if it does then you can always just take your product off of JVZoo – you stay in complete control the entire time.

Benefit Three: You Get Free Exposure

Another point that often gets overlooked is that you get completely free exposure by using tools like JVZoo. In other words, when an affiliate promotes your product, they will also be promoting your brand. Then, even if they don’t make a sale, you’ll still be increasing your brand recognition and absolutely free of cost!

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing

If you want to maximize your output and thus increase your turnover and profit, then there are two ways to go about it. One is to take on more work and to put yourself or your business under an increasing amount of strain. The other is to outsource aspects of your business model to outsiders and thereby start generating more profit and completing more work without causing yourself a nervous breakdown. Guess which one is preferable?

While outsourcing is a great move though, it can also result in problems if you aren’t careful. Here are some mistakes to avoid when you start out.

1 Miscommunicating

If you’re outsourcing to a VAS or another service provider and you’re communicating only by e-mail, then this can make it all too easy for there to be a miscommunication resulting in your getting the wrong work. This also becomes especially likely if the person or company you are using doesn’t speak English as a first language. Make sure to double check understanding before sending payment!

2 Not Checking

While 99% of the internet population might be conscientious and moral, there will always be those that try to scam you out of money. That’s why you should always check that the work you’ve received is original and high quality.

3 Not Continuing to Check

Sometimes a service you use will offer incredibly high quality work for the first week but then slowly deteriorate. This may be because they are outsourcing as well in order to take on more clients. Either way, you need to make sure that the high quality you are receiving at the start of your business relationship stays high quality.

4 Not Doing it Enough!

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs and start-up owners will often make is not outsourcing enough. Many business owners are ‘control freaks’ by nature and believe they need to handle everything personally in order for it to be good. This means they end up thinly spread and burned out when actually outsourcing would likely result in a more professional job that ultimately provides great ROI.

5 Letting the Good Ones Go

Another big mistake is to let good outsources go. Whether this is because you don’t pay them on time or it’s because you try to see if you can find a cheaper service elsewhere. The point is that a good working relationship is something that you should value highly and that isn’t easy to come by. If you find a great worker you enjoy doing business with – do everything you can to maintain that relationship!

5 Benefits of a Digital Product Business

If you’re looking for a business model that allows you to generate genuinely passive income and to make a lot of money in the process, then a digital product business might just be right for you. Digital products are products that exist solely in a digital format and include the likes of software, eBooks, e-courses and computer games. They also just so happen to offer perhaps the best business opportunity of any type of product, so read on to find out what makes them such a great choice for making money online.

1 No Overheads

Right away, with a digital product you have no overheads. That is to say, you might have overheads initially while you’re developing your product but from that point on you will then be able to sell as many copies as you like with no need to pay for materials or anything else. Every sale will be 100% profit which can’t really be said about any other business model.

2 It’s Truly Passive

Of course some services are also like this. If you are a writer or web designer for instance, then you probably won’t have to spend any money to make money and that means that you can keep 100% profit.

But where a service business falls down is in the fact that you will be exchanging your time for money. This in turn means you’ll need to constantly be available at specific times of day and you might even need to travel.

A digital product though is truly passive. Once you have set up an online store and you have people visiting your site, you can make money while you sleep or while you’re on holiday somewhere sunny.

3 No Stock

With a digital product you require zero digital space for stock and that means you don’t need to rent a warehouse or fill your front room with books.

4 No Investment

Just as there are no overheads, there is also very little investment necessary. This means it will take barely any time for you to break even and to start generating real profit. In turn this also means that there’s no risk so you’ll be able to start your business without taking out a huge loan and putting your family in danger.

5 No Delivery

As though all that wasn’t enough, digital products don’t even require delivery. That means you won’t have stock going missing or customers claiming they never received their goods. Digital products are cheaper and faster in every way.

4 Profitable Ways to Build a List of Subscribers

If you have a list of subscribers to your website and a digital product like an eBook, then this is a perfect combination that you can use to generate huge amounts of sales. Many gurus describe mailing lists as the single most important tool available to webmasters and digital marketers and if you can build a relationship this way then you’ll have an almost guaranteed market for your products – as long as they’re good.

The question is though, how do you go about building a list of subscribers? Here are some basic steps that will set you on your way…

Sign Up for an Autoresponder

Autoresponders are services like Aweber, MailChimp and GetResponse which help you to manage your subscribers and send out confirmation e-mails etc. These are also what will allow you to create sign up forms that will look the part on your website.

Add a Form to Your Page

There are lots of places you can add a sign-up forms. One option is simply to put them on your website in one of the side columns or even at the bottom of each article.

Alternatively you can create a whole landing page designed specifically to drive conversions and sign-ups and you can then use PPC campaigns, SEO and social media to drive traffic to that page.

Pop-overs are also very popular (no pun intended) at the moment. These are windows that appear over the top of your content when readers have been on the page for a certain amount of time. These have been shown to drastically increase subscriptions. Just make sure you’re not frustrating your readers and causing them to leave.

Use an Incentive

An incentive can make a big difference in encouraging people to sign up to your mailing list. A common incentive is a free eBook or even just a chapter of an eBook that people will potentially buy later on. Visitors love getting things for free and this will seem like a much fairer exchange than just getting them to give you their contact details for free.

Talk About Your Mailing List

If you run a blog then simply talking about your mailing list in your posts can be a good strategy do. Don’t set up your form and then forget about it – treat it as an integral aspect of your business and talk about why people should sign up and what exciting content they’ll receive if they do!

5 Ways to Create a Sense of Urgency With Your Sales

If you want to make more sales, then adding a sense of urgency can make all the difference.

The key thing to remember here is that most things that we buy, we buy on impulse and for emotional reasons. If you stop to think about any purchase, or go away to mull it over, then often you will realize that you don’t actually need it. On the other hand though, when you’re in the heat of the moment and you’re feeling that sense of desire and urgency, you will often make snap judgements.

As a marketer, you need to leverage that fact and create a sense of urgency in your buyers so that they click buy now and not later.

Here are some ways to do that…

Leverage Color Psychology

The color red has a profound effect on us psychologically and studies show that people put more money into red collection boxes for charity than any other color. The lesson? Make your ‘Buy’ button red!

Use the Right Language

The right language can be used to subtly paint a picture and to encourage a sense of urgency. Words like ‘must’ and ‘now’ can gradually build a sense of tension and get people to want to act quickly. Likewise, so too can using exclamation marks and even shorter, sentences that read more quickly.

Think About the Neurochemistry

The other trick to think about with your language is neurochemistry. The perfect scenario from the perspective of a seller is that buyers experience a combination of serotonin (desire) and adrenaline/cortisol (anxiety). You want them to feel anxious and to want what you’re selling.

Getting the desire up is a matter of telling your customers about your value proposition and getting them to imagine how what you’re selling will change their life. The anxiety comes from showing them what could happen if they fail to listen to advice.


A special offer such as a 50% off deal is a great way to motivate people to act fast, rather than waiting for a while to see if they change their mind.


A limit of some sort can drastically increase sales because it has the double impact of a) telling customers that the option to buy won’t always be there and b) making your item more exclusive and rare and thus instantly more desirable.

Want to drive your customers even wilder? Then include a countdown timer or even a number showing how many items are left in stock!