3 Surefire Ways to Make List Building an Instant Success

List building can be a long process. People don’t just jump onto your list overnight for the heck of it. You have to put a squeeze page up and you have to drive traffic to it. People sign up, but probably not fast enough to build your business at the speed you’d like it to. So, the question is… How do you get people onto your list faster? Here are three sure ways to put your list building process on fast forward:

  1. Offer a free report: Reports are easy to compile. If you have written many articles about your niche, you can take five of them and turn them into a free report to give away. Just above the opt-in box on your list building page, use a short call to action: Sign up for instant access to my free special report, “Maintenance Tips to Keep your Car Running Like New.” Offer something that people in your niche have problems with. Solve something for them, and they’ll sign up every time.
  1. Use co-registration: Many marketers are unsure of what this term means. Let me explain… You sign up for a co-registration account, such as List Hero, List Builder Pro, or List Opt, but there are many services that will help you with co-reg list building. You create an ad that’s like a classified ad, really. Your notice will be a headline, which is the most important part, and a short statement of what your newsletter, ezine, or mailing list is about. Then, that ad is placed alongside other classified ads for other people’s lists. It can be served in different ways, such as right on your web page, in a pop-up, a pop-under, or on the co-reg company’s web site, but what makes it co-registration is that people have the opportunity to sign up for more lists than just yours at the same time, so you’re all list building at once.
  1. Joint Venture: When you enter into an agreement with another businessperson to promote their product, you’ll have the opportunity to get subscribers from his or her list. So, say for instance, that you’re building a list around cats. OK, so you go to an online pet store, and ask if you can help them to sell their pet supplies. You set up a teleseminar, with the online pet store owner as your special guest. The day of the call, you just interview them about the best foods to give cats or ask about hairball remedies–again, anything that will help to solve your audience’s problems. You advertise your list building page through pay-per-click, ezine ads, or any other way, and you ask your JV partner to mail out to their list about the teleseminar three times. Have them drive their list to your list building page. If they have a big list, you’ll get your list going very quickly.

There are many more ways to go about list building, of course. But these three ways will get your list going very, very quickly, and any of these ways is a good way to get started. Joint venturing is what helped me to build my list as big as it is today, and continues to add people to it every single week. If you’re not ready for that yet, consider co-registration. And if you can’t afford to pay for a list, then offering a simple report will do. Just don’t sit around thinking how great these solutions are. Get out there and get one started!

List Building With Article Marketing

Writing articles is one way to get people to come to the squeeze page you’ve created for gathering names and email addresses.

You may think, “I’m no writer,” but you might fool yourself. Writing articles about your niche is an incredible list building tool, and if you aren’t writing some articles or at least paying someone to write them for you, you’re missing out on a whole lot of traffic.

To start, what niche are you list building around? That should be your topic. Yet, if you’re list building around golf, for instance, how broad a topic is that? Pretty wide open, there, I’d say. So, you need to focus. Come up with one aspect of “golf,” and write about that.

Before you go on, pull out a piece of paper right now. At the top of the paper, I want to write your list building target, which will be your niche. Let’s stick to the golf example. So, you’ll write “GOLF” in the middle of your page.

Now, how many things can you think about that pertain to golf? Golf clubs, shoes, tees, and carts. Then, you may have country clubs, courses, and ideal days to golf. You may also want to add golfing books, golf videos, and golf shows on TV. You see those are all smaller, more narrow focuses. Write each one on the paper surrounding your main term and draw lines from the central word, GOLF, to each of the narrower topics.

But you aren’t finished, though think about it: You’ve really been list building around all those things.

Let’s just take one of those categories, like golf clubs. How many different kinds are there… drivers, wedges, putters, etc. Right? So, from your “clubs” entry, make ray lines and put those at the ends.

But you aren’t finished…

Now, you can start to narrow even further. How about putter manufacturers, materials, sizes or whatever. I bet you can think of even more.

Probably, you’re at the article writing stage. Write the best article that you can, based on titanium golf putters. Bam! You have a narrow enough focus, and you’re no longer overwhelmed.

Regardless of your list building focus, you can take this idea and use it. You can download mind map software and use it. Or, you can keep working your ideas out on paper. Whatever you use, I’ll bet you come away with not just one idea, but at least 10 good ideas for writing articles about.

Internet Marketing and List Building: What’s Your Niche?

Do you know what topic you’re going to be list building around? That’s absolutely key. You need to figure that out, and it basically can either be something you want to learn a lot about, or it can be something you already know a lot about. Either one is completely legitimate. The next step is to go ahead and invite a lot of people who have lists and products to sell to take part in your teleseminar interview series.

For instance, what if you wanted to do a teleseminar series on golf, and that you know of several bestselling authors that want to sell more books and so, will agree to do a teleseminar series with you. What they do is they promote to your interview series. I’m sure you’ve seen this done before. They promote to your interview series, and on the thank-you page, after people opt-in for that interview series, you sell a golfing product and they earn affiliate commission. Then you do your series of webinars or teleseminars, and presto!

You sell their product at the end through your affiliate link. All of a sudden, they’re making money and you’re making money. You’re building up a series of recordings on a topic, again, that you either want to learn about and you know nothing about — so you become an inquisitive interviewer — or a topic that you know something about — so you become an expert interviewer.

“This is a topic I have all this experience on such and such a topic. We’re interviewing you on this topic to find out what your thoughts or feelings are on it, and ask you these questions through your particular area of expertise of X, Y, and Z.” Bam, bam, bam! You’re off and running.

You basically get 10 or 12 people in that topic who have lists to promote to your list, and that’s how you get started. That’s how I got started.

Then what you do is you go to ClickBank and you find at least four products that apply to golfing. You buy them, and you read them or try them, and make sure that they’re great products. the next step is to offer them to the list that you built in your autoresponder series. You can start wtih four messages, but as time goes on, you may want to offer more and more to the people on your list. The more they come to respect and trust you, the more they’ll buy the products you recommend, and you’re making money.

That’s really all there is to it. Set up an interview series with people in your niche. Build your list, using their lists, and then offer product to the list you’ve managed to build from the teleseminar series. It’s that simple.

How to Build a List and Sell a Product at the Same Time

If you’re an Internet marketing person who is selling an affiliate product, you get an affiliate link that leads to the product’s web site or sales page, right? Well, lots of people think that you can’t also be list building when you have that kind of set up. Guess what? They’re wrong.

The thing is that you can use any means of selling the product that’s not against the owner’s terms of service or affiliate agreement, or that’s not illegal. Spamming, for instance, would be against both of those conditions, probably in all cases. But you can do anything else to sell a product that you want. In fact, the more creative you are, the better success you’ll have with list building and sales, and the happier the product owner will be, too.

One way to be list building while selling the other person’s product is simple. You set up a squeeze page, and in that page, you give people a review of the product. If you’re selling it, you had better be using it and know that it’s a great product. Give it more than a testimonial, actually give it a good review. You can do that in 250 words or less.

Your review should include information on the features that benefit the user. It should also give the cons of the product. Nothing is 100% great. Usually, there are small things that you would change, if you had a magic wand. Let people know those, too. If your review is too glowing, it won’t seem real. Make it real. Here’s what I mean:

Tellman Knudson’s MyFirstList is a great product for the beginning marketer. Not only does it tell you how to get your list building page built, but it points you to the services you need to get it up and running. Not only that, but you can complete the course in just 9 hours. That means you can buy it one day, and take action on it the next. In fact, the program is so rapid-fire that you can be list building by that second day, too.

The only drawback that some might see is that you will need to spend money to get the system working, but you know what they say, “You have to spend money to make money.” And in my experience, paid is always better than free.

But the very best thing about this system is that it works! I’ve tried it, and am making money with it already, though I just bought it last week. How great is that? If you want more information about MyFirstList, just fill in your first name and email address and we’ll get it to you right away.

This might not be as good example an example as a straight affiliate page because an affiliate link for MyFirstList would lead to another squeeze page. People might be shy about opting-in twice before they even see what the product is about, unless they’re very excited by your review.

However, if the product you’re selling has a sales page or it’s just to their main website, writing something like this and adding it to a list building shouldn’t be a problem. This is just an example.

Anyway, after they opt-in to your list and confirm their membership, the first autoresponder message should be a “thank you” page. Also give people a bit more information about the product or Internet marketing program, and an opportunity to buy or join by including your affiliate link. This is very easy to do and you should always be list building, any way you can.

Make Money with Affiliate Products and Your List

Once you have a list building, there’s no question that you can make a lot of money selling other people’s products. And there are a couple of good places where you can find the products to fit the niche where you’ve built your list. These services are great for sellers because the hard work of managing affiliates and creating a sales system are removed and handled by the online vending system, and they’re great for affiliates for the same reasons.

But it’s important to stick to affiliate products that fit your list. You never want to try to sell a quilting list something about Internet Marketing because they won’t have any idea what you want them to buy. It’s like trying to mix oil and water; it just won’t work, and if you do it, all you’re going to get are unsubscribes. Some services are better than others for what your particular list might want, so you may have to join more than one site to find the products you need to promote.

The sites have names you’ve probably heard before, like ClickBank, PayDotCom, and Commission Junction, but there are others out there. ClickBank has a wide variety of products that you might use and if you’re into quilting, for instance, there’s a crafts section with tons of interesting products. You don’t necessarily just have to sell only quilting products. You might sell crocheting items, scrapbooking, knitting, etc. because crafters often do multiple things, and this works the same with most other niches.

PayDotCom.com is good for an Internet Marketing list, as most of the affililate opportunities at PayDotCom are about Internet Marketing, though the site is growing daily.

Commission Junction deals more with big businesses and have clients like eBay, Crucial and Pfaltzgraf. You can sign up to become an affiliate for one of those. Just remember that it’s easy for people to walk into some of those places, so being an affiliate for somebody like Best Buy would be difficult. Yet, I can see a specific product working out. Like, say you have a list built around gaming. If you have a link from Best Buy to the new PS3 and send a great email to your list, you could do well. How well you do with any product depends on how well you target that product to your particular list.

If you still can’t find anything to sell, you can go to Google and type “affiliate program,” the little plus sign, and the topic of your list. A lot of sites will have a link at the bottom asking you to join their affiliate program.

The next thing you should do is choose four products that you can promote. Be as creative as you can. When you join those sites for free and choose to promote those products, you’ll be given a unique link. That link is your affiliate link that will track the people who buy, and show that they came from you.

When you get your affiliate link, oftentimes it will be very long. After you get your affiliate links for your four products, go to www.TinyURL.com. One at a time, you will pop that long affiliate link into the spot in TinyURL. It will pop out a very small link for you. You can use that link in the emails you are going to be sending out to your list.

Use a system of mailing to your list and following up, and you’re bound to make money.