3 Steps To Advertising On Reddit – Part Two

So, you’ve decided to try and run some ads on reddit, but you aren’t sure how to make the most out of your money, write copy that will connect with the audience there, or you might just not be getting the click through rate, positive interaction, or ROI on your foray into the platform. Fear not, today we’re going to dig down into some finer points of advertising on reddit, which can help you have a better chance of success.

For starters, it’s important to know your audience. Whenever you’re advertising on a platform and targeting specific people within that platform, knowing your audience really means two different things.

First, it means knowing your target market, the people whose interests or job titles you’re using to target your ads, but it also means knowing the subset of that group that uses the specific platform you’re advertising on.

It means knowing what their mindset is when they see your ad, how they browse the site and engage with it, etc.

Reddit in general is a fairly educated audience, and it’s one of critical thinkers. That means that the traditional habit of writing overly hyped and optimistic ad copy that many marketers and their copywriting associates have might not serve you as well here. Honesty is the name of the game, and you’ll even get a message from reddit when creating your advertisement that lets you know that the reddit community generally appreciates ads that engage them.

The personal experience of some advertisers would lead you to conclude as well that, beyond just “engaging” with people you’re targeting your ads to, you should also think about offering them something special for taking the time to engage with you as well.

For example, several case studies of brands advertising on reddit have had substantial success when they have created a special discount or deal exclusively for reddit, and made that special treatment clear in the coop of their ad. For example, reddit can be a great place to try out new product offerings without spending a fortune, so you could offer your services or products free for a limited time or at a flat discount when people use a discount code only given away in your reddit ads.

When it comes to comments, you should enable them. Reddit does allow you to request that your ads are not able to be commented on, but this will generally drastically lower the value of promoting there. Saying that you don’t allow comments on an ad is almost an admission of guilt, or at the very least an admission that you suspect people might find your ad objectionable and react negatively – which means you might not want to run it as is at all!

Comments are a great way to be relatable and have conversations with your market before they even become customers. Plus, if one person asks a question in the comments, you can be sure that other people have probably wondered the same thing, and providing a thorough, thought-out, polite answer can only help your cause.

Reddit ads are a largely untapped gold mine for many brands, but using them correctly is essential to your success.

3 Steps To Advertising On Reddit – Part One

Just as in the pre-internet days certain advertising platforms dominated the advertising space – like TV, print, and radio – other fringe opportunities always existed that, when leveraged correctly, could result in a massive ROI for those that take advantage of them in a clever way.

For example, the first brands to pay for celebrity endorsements, or the first brands to think that they could put their name on the side of a bus, those brands took advantage of something that those subscribing to the mainstream may have missed (even if they became, in time as all things do, the mainstream themselves).

Today, Facebook advertising has packed itself on to Google AdWords and Youtube pre-roll ads as the sort of mainstream of modern advertising.

That said, however, there are other platforms you may want to take a look into, even if they don’t often make the rounds in online marketing circles.

While there are more than one, this content is going to explore reddit.

Reddit is an online community divided into thousands of sub-communities where people share, comment, and vote upon submitting content related to a common interest group. For example, there’s a subreddit where people discuss photography and share their work, another where Android developers share tips and tricks for building mobile apps, yet another where rappers and music producers collaborate on new pieces, and so on.

The point is, there are hyper-targeted communities around just about any conceivable interest, and those interests will undoubtedly overlap with your target markets. The best part?

You can totally advertise to individual interests communities.

Here’s a brief introduction to how:

1) The “creative”. The creative, or ad content, that you will use to make up your actual ad is a little different on reddit. In most cases, your promoted link to a landing page will be shown at the top of one of the subc-ommunities as a small thumbnail image and a couple lines of text.

You get several hundred characters to use, so write a descriptive and enticing headline, and choose a thumbnail image that is interesting enough to entice a click (an image with a real person, like yourself, does well)

2) Make a descriptive landing page. Because other ad creatives on sites like Facebook would allow you to have more words and larger images to illustrate what you’re selling, you can afford to not explain things as in-depth on your landing page. With reddit, you’ll need to treat your landing page as a one stop shop where people can obtain all the information they could possibly need before making a decision.

3) Respond to comments. When your ad goes live on reddit, people may want to comment on your ads and ask questions. Always answer them.

Additionally, reddit is a smart and critical community, so they may ask tough questions, the best thing you can do is be honest and humble – never engage in an argument on your own ads!

Done right, reddit can be a massive advertising opportunity, a hidden gem in which 1,000 impressions can go for as little as $1.50. Learn to speak the unique language of the platform, and your dollars will be going further than every other marketer who’s stuck in the mainstream.

4 Reasons Brands Fail At Social Media

Social media isn’t new. It isn’t some unknown X factor or revolution that is freshly sweeping the world up and changing communication as we know it – it’s already done that. In fact, it’s been doing that for several years. So why, then, do so many people in the marketing world treat social media as some new, foreign thing that they just aren’t quite sure how to wrangle?

Put more bluntly: Why do so many marketers and businesses fail so miserably at social media?

1) Don’t view social media as an extension of advertising.

We get it, social media is ultimately another gateway to your product or service, but the reality is that treating these platforms like just another selling tool is setting you up for failure. Social media is all about paying attention to the places that interest you, and people are not interested in your ads and constant promotions.

2) They don’t think of themselves as a media company.

One of the big mistakes companies make is thinking that they are only as wide as their product when it comes to social media. Instead of thinking of social media as a way to sell product X, think of your channels as a way to create interesting content for people who happen to be a part of the audience that would also like product X, and worry about them actually making their purchase later on.

3) Their ratio is off.

There are a number of different formulas that different blogs and experts will recommend, but the general consensus is, that in one way or another, you diversify your content so that you are able to balance out what you bombard your communities with. For example, keeping your promotional, self-serving and “salesy” type posts to 10% of your total posting volume or less is generally a good rule of thumb. Feel the rest with engaging, funny, interesting, or educations posts, take your pick.

4) Their interaction game is week.

It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason. Brands used to be able to talk at consumers in a one-way interaction chain that involved them giving information and informing the thought of the consumer, and that consumer not having much direct feedback (since that wasn’t really possible through print, TV, etc.).

Now, however, it’s easy for customers to engage with brands instantly in any number of channels, and they expect to be listened to. The best marketers make sure to respond to every comment, good or bad, every re-tweet or share of their content, etc. when on social. The ROI from winning over a few regular social media guests and supporters can be more massive than you might think.

5 Things That Happen When You’re Authentic & Giving

Despite the prevalence of social media platforms for several years now, companies seem to just not quite be able to crack it.

Through some need to treat every platform that comes along like every platform that ever has been, despite them having vastly different effective voices and mediums, is insanity. And yet, every single day a search through the twitter accounts of emerging and startup brands will indicate a massive disconnect: People still don’t understand that, at its core, authenticity wins on social media.

If every action you take on social is guided by the consideration for what will be honest, helpful, and genuine to your followers – and not what is going to sell me the most products – a few funny things happen.

1. You can’t get caught in lies because there are none

When you aren’t tweeting half-truths that favor your brand, or trying to bend stories to best reflect the part of an industry you live in, you aren’t at risk anymore for getting caught up in a web of lies.

Consequently, PR disasters rarely befall companies that practice more honesty on their social media channels.

2. People tend to tell other people about your genuine nature and generosity

People as a whole, fundamentally, enjoy being treated well. The brands you want to tell your friends and family about are not the ones that came across as shady, they’re the ones who told the truth. Their not the ones who messaged you asking them to buy their product, they’re the ones who said “thank you” just because you took the time to comment on their Instagram picture.

3. You start to build a brand, not just make a sale

Temporary webshops and one-off affiliate marketers are all about making sales in the short term, but ongoing businesses are equally concerned with building their brand. Treating social media as a branding tool rather than a selling tool, at least initially, is a great paradigm shift that can help marketers utilize it better and for the right purposes.

4. You’ll be happier about what you do

Everybody has a unique conscious and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to business ethics, but most people feel better when they can put their heart and reputation 100% behind what they do. For social media, that might mean that building a genuine community in which your brand is a thought leader is much more rewarding than just trying to hi-jack hashtags to flog your products.

5. You grow faster that your standard marketing projections predict

Social media is a not a linear projection, it’s a game of slow, meager, but genuine growth until you hit a point of critical mass and then your efforts start to snowball. It’s a game of patience, but it’s once that doesn’t ever come to fruition if you can’t learn to play with a more gentle marketing touch than you would in traditional paid media. Learn to master it, however, and you’re sure to be rewarded.

Strategies For Outstanding Customer Service

Even as an individual marketer, the power of word of mouth reviews regarding your operation and even your personal reputation can be a huge, huge factor in your success. Even if you’re only an affiliate for a couple of ebooks, if the reviews customers find are on your site, you can bet you’ll hear from them if the product sucks. Or if they have some problem with it. Or if they just have a question about it.

As you grow and have your own products and services to offer, of course, this need becomes even more acute. Here are a few products and strategies you can implement to make sure you’re blowing away customers with the quality of your service.


For those on a budget, Groove (groovehq.com) is a great free or low-cost solution (depending on the plan you grab) for organizing your support messages into organized, convenient threads in a dedicate inbox. Plus, you can easily create a knowledgebase that helps to answer many common questions your customers might have, so you won’t have to constantly answer the same questions. This is especially a time-saver for those with SaaS (software as a service) products that may have a learning curve.


Livechat is nothing new, and it has to be effectively managed, but customers consistently report that it’s one of their favorite ways to be able to reach out and communicate with a brand.

That means that you should probably think about having it on your site!

Plus, depending on your budget and the exact features you do or don’t need, you’ll have a range of choices for your provider. For example, oLark is a relatively cheap way to get started, but you may want a suite like Intercom later on so that you can combine your livechat with things like scheduled messages, email flows, user data and behavior tracking, and more.

Dedicated social

This one is largely dependent on the size of your operation, and it might not be the best option if you’re a one-man or one-woman operation, but it’s still valuable to consider. Many of the world’s largest brands know that being where people want to be is more important than trying to convince them to be where you want them to be.

To this effect, many brands have twitter handles dedicated to support which allow users to near-instantly connect with their brands in a platform they already like to use. This behavior is being extended to Facebook chat with the rise of “bots” or smart support software, which will only continue to be popular and be innovated upon in 2017.

If your budget is causing you to have to make a decision between a more traditional support system or going with something more cutting edge, it might be worth making the move that puts you ahead of the curve.

Regardless of how exactly you choose to handle support, it should be one of the top priorities in a business of any size.