3 Steps To Advertising On Reddit – Part Two

So, you’ve decided to try and run some ads on reddit, but you aren’t sure how to make the most out of your money, write copy that will connect with the audience there, or you might just not be getting the click through rate, positive interaction, or ROI on your foray into the platform. Fear not, today we’re going to dig down into some finer points of advertising on reddit, which can help you have a better chance of success.

For starters, it’s important to know your audience. Whenever you’re advertising on a platform and targeting specific people within that platform, knowing your audience really means two different things.

First, it means knowing your target market, the people whose interests or job titles you’re using to target your ads, but it also means knowing the subset of that group that uses the specific platform you’re advertising on.

It means knowing what their mindset is when they see your ad, how they browse the site and engage with it, etc.

Reddit in general is a fairly educated audience, and it’s one of critical thinkers. That means that the traditional habit of writing overly hyped and optimistic ad copy that many marketers and their copywriting associates have might not serve you as well here. Honesty is the name of the game, and you’ll even get a message from reddit when creating your advertisement that lets you know that the reddit community generally appreciates ads that engage them.

The personal experience of some advertisers would lead you to conclude as well that, beyond just “engaging” with people you’re targeting your ads to, you should also think about offering them something special for taking the time to engage with you as well.

For example, several case studies of brands advertising on reddit have had substantial success when they have created a special discount or deal exclusively for reddit, and made that special treatment clear in the coop of their ad. For example, reddit can be a great place to try out new product offerings without spending a fortune, so you could offer your services or products free for a limited time or at a flat discount when people use a discount code only given away in your reddit ads.

When it comes to comments, you should enable them. Reddit does allow you to request that your ads are not able to be commented on, but this will generally drastically lower the value of promoting there. Saying that you don’t allow comments on an ad is almost an admission of guilt, or at the very least an admission that you suspect people might find your ad objectionable and react negatively – which means you might not want to run it as is at all!

Comments are a great way to be relatable and have conversations with your market before they even become customers. Plus, if one person asks a question in the comments, you can be sure that other people have probably wondered the same thing, and providing a thorough, thought-out, polite answer can only help your cause.

Reddit ads are a largely untapped gold mine for many brands, but using them correctly is essential to your success.

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