Selling Websites As A Side Business – Part Time Profits Outsourcing

This won’t make you rich, but it can pay the bills.

Basically, you’re going to hire two outsourcers and then sell the websites they build for you. This has been done by at least one marketer that I know personally, and I’m sure many others have found similar success with this business model.

Here are the details:

Hire two outsourcers, possibly from the Philippines or anywhere you can get excellent full time help for about $500 each per month.

One outsourcer should be versed in all phases of website building and PhotoShop. Things they will need to do: Install WordPress sites, install plugins, install autoresponder forms, use Photoshop to create website graphics as needed, etc.

The second outsourcer is a good writer, preferably a VERY good writer, able to research and write about most any topic.

This is your team.

One thing to know – work expands to fill the time allotted. So if you give your team two weeks to build a site, that’s how long it will take. Instead, see if they can do it in 2 days. For what you want done, it should only take 2 days. In fact, for the website builder it should only take one day, and two days for the writing.

Now then, the first site your team is going to build will be for you. It should be an authority blog, containing several posts and an embedded YouTube video or two.

You choose the domain name, let them know what you’re looking for, then let them sort out everything else.

This is going to be your example website. Of course, you can continue to build this site out over time, making it a true authority site.

And you can use the outsourcers to do this for you. But first and foremost, you want to treat it as your example website.

Now you launch an offer to build authority websites for other people in the niches of their choosing. You can start by notifying your list of your new service, place an ad on Warrior and branch out to Facebook after that.

Charge whatever you like – $300 is a good price but it’s up to you.

The website will be a unique authority blog in whatever niche they choose, with perhaps 5 posts already written, all the plugins in place, basic SEO, a domain of its own… you get the idea.

You’re paying your team $1000 a month, so you

need to make 4 sales to be in profit.

But realistically your team can build 10 sites a month, spending 2 days on each site and working 5 days a week.

10 sales at $300 is $3,000, minus the $1,000 you pay your team leaves you with a $2,000 profit.

Of course, you can charge more, offer different packages and so forth.

For example, your deluxe package might contain 15 posts and cost $700, depending on how good your team is and how well you do at selling the sites.

If you find your team has downtime between orders, you can have them create a product for you, or build sites which you then sell premade.

There is some work in getting the sales and communicating the desires of the client to your workers. But it shouldn’t take you more than an hour a day to accomplish this.

And once your other ventures are making enough money that you don’t want to be bothered with this endeavor anymore, you can always sell it as a turnkey business.


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing

If you want to maximize your output and thus increase your turnover and profit, then there are two ways to go about it. One is to take on more work and to put yourself or your business under an increasing amount of strain. The other is to outsource aspects of your business model to outsiders and thereby start generating more profit and completing more work without causing yourself a nervous breakdown. Guess which one is preferable?

While outsourcing is a great move though, it can also result in problems if you aren’t careful. Here are some mistakes to avoid when you start out.

1 Miscommunicating

If you’re outsourcing to a VAS or another service provider and you’re communicating only by e-mail, then this can make it all too easy for there to be a miscommunication resulting in your getting the wrong work. This also becomes especially likely if the person or company you are using doesn’t speak English as a first language. Make sure to double check understanding before sending payment!

2 Not Checking

While 99% of the internet population might be conscientious and moral, there will always be those that try to scam you out of money. That’s why you should always check that the work you’ve received is original and high quality.

3 Not Continuing to Check

Sometimes a service you use will offer incredibly high quality work for the first week but then slowly deteriorate. This may be because they are outsourcing as well in order to take on more clients. Either way, you need to make sure that the high quality you are receiving at the start of your business relationship stays high quality.

4 Not Doing it Enough!

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs and start-up owners will often make is not outsourcing enough. Many business owners are ‘control freaks’ by nature and believe they need to handle everything personally in order for it to be good. This means they end up thinly spread and burned out when actually outsourcing would likely result in a more professional job that ultimately provides great ROI.

5 Letting the Good Ones Go

Another big mistake is to let good outsources go. Whether this is because you don’t pay them on time or it’s because you try to see if you can find a cheaper service elsewhere. The point is that a good working relationship is something that you should value highly and that isn’t easy to come by. If you find a great worker you enjoy doing business with – do everything you can to maintain that relationship!

7 Ways to Boost eBook Sales

If you have an eBook then essentially you have a license to print money. As a digital product, this is something that you can sell millions of times in a single day in theory. It has no overheads, no delivery costs and you can set the price however you choose.

Of course this isn’t quite how the story goes for everyone who starts selling eBooks though. eBook sales are very much dependent on your skill, timing and understanding of sales. To help get more sales then, consider the seven following tips:

1 Sell in More Places

Want to get more sales? Then sell in more places! Putting your eBook on Kindle is free and will mean thousands more people can instantly find and buy your book – people who otherwise probably wouldn’t have.

2 Find Affiliates

Whether you choose to use a service like Clickbank or to set up cookies yourself, using affiliates can give you an army of marketers happy to help you sell your product and reach a wider audience.

3 Hire a Writer

You may already have hired a writer for your eBook which is great. Now though, it’s time to bring them back and get them to write your landing page! Professional sales copy makes all the difference.

4 Run a PPC Campaign

If you have a specific niche and a great landing page then any money you spend on PPC should result in clear ROI and is a great way to expand your audience.

5 Improve the Cover

It could be that the cover of your eBook is what’s putting off potential buyers. Head over to a site like 99Designs and spend a little to spruce up your image!

6 Change the Price

Lowering the price will likely increase sales while hurting your profits. Increasing the price can have the opposite effect. Make sure you play around with this number until you find your perfect sweet spot. You don’t know unless you try!

7 Give Away a Free Taster

Giving away a free taster of an eBook is often one of the very best things you can do to drive sales. If you have a mailing list then try sending them a PDF of the first chapter. People love getting things for free and if the title is inviting then they’re bound to open it. Then, if they like what they see, they’ll be hooked and liable to make a purchase!

How to Find Writers For Your eBook

eBooks are the ultimate digital product that you can sell repeatedly with zero overheads or delivery costs and that people are often willing to pay a lot of money for. This way you can earn passive income and potentially even achieve complete financial freedom.

That’s the dream but before you can even think about getting started you will need to create that book that you’re going to sell. This can be a daunting task if you’re not a writer yourself but fortunately there’s a solution which is to hire someone that is.
And the even better news, is that there are lots of places you can find great writers for eBooks online. Here are just some of them:


If you head over to a webmaster forum such as Warrior Forum or Digital Point Forums, then you’ll find discussion between webmasters and various service providers. These providers tend to include writers, designers and pretty much anything else you could need to create and sell e-books.

Content Creation Services

There are lots of companies out there that provide content creation duties for a reasonable price. These are agencies that have lots of writers and that can complete all kinds of work. Just do a Google search and you should find a few!


Believe it or not, some of your Facebook friends probably have writing skills and probably wouldn’t mind earning a little extra on the side. If it’s a friend you know well you’ll have the added bonus of knowing how they think and the quality of their work.

Elance, oDesk and People Per Hour

These are sites where people advertise their various skills and their rates. You can respond to personal adds or post your own and the whole process is very structured for ease of use.

Some Tips

Other places you can get writers include Fiverr and forums frequented by hobbyists and creative writers. Any of these will do the trick but the real challenge is in finding a writer who is good. Before you hire them to write your whole e-book, get them to write a couple of articles on a subject related to your topic. You can use this later as promotional material but moreover it will allow you to get a sense of their writing style and reliability before you pay them to write you 10,000+ words and spend a lot of money!